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Discover a majestic Croatia



From crystal clear waters and secluded anchorages to top marina facilities and a buzzing nightlife, the Dalmation Coast offers something for everyone. And now sailing Croatia is easier than ever. Croatia is a great sailing destination for beginners and experienced sailors alike. 




- Crystal Clear Waters

- National Parks

- Chic Seaside


Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday onboard a contemporary yacht as you sail the turquoise waters of the Adriatic or prefer to take charge and Skipper yourself from island to island, Croatia has a stylish trip in store for everyone. We can provide the trip of a lifetime as you explore this original destination.

Dine in traditional konobas, sampling delicious mediterranean-style cuisine, lounge on one of the many stunning beaches and swim in secluded anchorages with panoramic views and crystal clear waters. Meander through picturesque harbours and bays as you peruse the historical and charismatic village boutiques. We know you will love this unique opportunity of a lifetime as we offer you a warm Croatian welcome.

In Croatia, we organise Share-A-Yacht trips, Whole Yacht Charter, and Flotillas with an opportunity to Self-Skipper or we can include your own personal Skipper for hire. We cater for everyone regardless of age or experience.


Looking to Bareboat Charter in Croatia?

Choose from a variety of bases including Split, Dubrovnik or Trogir.

Sailing Routes

Croatia is situated within the Mediterranean alongside the Adriatic sea (at the North point of the Mediterranean) that separates the Croatian and Italian Coastlines.

How many sailing areas are there in Croatia?

The Adriatic is divided into 3 main areas which are: 1. Northern (Zadar, Pula)  Not recommended for beginner sailors.  2. Central (Northern Split, Zadar).  3. Southern Adriatic (Southern Split, Dubrovnik). The starting points to focus on are Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Zadar.

How many islands are along the Croatian Coastline?

The exact figure is not known but it is somewhere between 1233 and 1244 depending on which classification is used and the source of information.

What is special about the Croatian Coastline?

The Croatian Coast is full of large and small islands, generally oblong in shape and running parallel to the continental shore, making sailing areas along the Coast safe for beginners. Many twisting straits form inlets between the islands similar to those of the Norwegian Fjords which make the coastline very intricate.

What are the general prevailing winds?

The Adriatic Sea is generally calm and offers exceptional sailing conditions. Summer winds are consistent light northerlies. A short chop is the typical wave height in the Adriatic. There can be a small tide but almost negligible.The main winds consist of a North Easterly wind that blows from the nearby mountains, and a South Easterly wind named the Sirocco.

What is the weather like in the South (Split, Dubrovnik)?

This is an excellent charter region offering line of sight navigation, consistent light winds in the summer and short passages.

What is the weather like in the North (Zadar, Pula)?

This less travelled area is prone to more sporadic weather patterns. It offers line of sight navigation but weather conditions that are more challenging for experienced sailors.



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