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Family with teens itinerary


We have handpicked a unique sailing route leaving from Dubrovnik for you to enjoy. We will visit a new island every day, all to explore within a one week period. Every single day is completely different and you can experience a new holiday in this way because you will be arriving at a different port with new breathtaking scenery and surroundings.


With our activity packed holidays, there is something for the whole family to be entertained. Our highlights include exploring old caves, viewing the sealife from a glass- bottomed kayak trip, cycling through Mljet National Park with it's rare wildlife and beautiful panoramic views, white sandy beaches to sunbathe, our unique speedboat trip followed by dinner away from the tourist trail up in the mountains and Regatta Day.



Day 1: Dubrovnik

Day 2: Sudurad

Day 3: Pomena

Day 4: Korcula Old Town

Day 5: Lumbarda

Day 6: Polace

Day 7: Šipanska Luka




Set Sail Saturday afternoon and take a dip as we drop anchor before getting ready for our onshore Welcome Dinner. We will host an evening dinner for all the crew and passengers to get to know each other onshore at a specially chosen restaurant. Sit back and relax, enjoying your first night in the Islands and the ambience.




Learn to Sail part 1 as we are en route to a natural cave referred to as Ulysses Cave. You can swim inside this one and for the more adventurous climb the stairs and jump from the rocks into the crystal clear waters with your Go Pro or have Mum and Dad take a video from the boat. After lunch onboard we continue to Pomena which is our harbour for the evening, but not before learning about anchoring and enjoying another swim at a place we call the Blue Lagoon - you'll see why! Once the yachts are moored at the waterfront, take the time to explore the village and wander because tomorrow you will have time to visit the National Park, once the tourist boats and motor cruises have all left the area, and you have a more peaceful experience.




Morning: Visit Mljet National Park from Pomena before setting sail. There are pleasant cycle and walking paths to spectacular panoramic views, and let the current in the channel push you between the two lakes. Once back at the yachts, prepare to depart for the Island of Korcula, a walled medieval city where you can get lost in the tiny alleys and streets. Learn to Sail Part 2 will get you more involved in the sails, tacking and having the time to understand the physics behind them.


We sail into Korcula Old Town Marina in the afternoon where you get to explore and wander this fortressed medieval city. This location is perfect for families where you decide everything for the night. Of course our Tour Manager and Crew will be on tap if you need any help or suggestions. Relax with refreshments, listen to live music by the waterfront and enjoy your dinner. 










This morning it's sailing fun in the Korcula channel for Learn to Sail Part 3 before arriving at Lumbarda. There is the evening option to join our Speedboat and dinner on the Peljesac Peninsula (Croatia's premier wine region).


Get dropped off by speedboat at the waterfront winery for a winery experience learning about the different grapes, soils and geography that results in the grape vines in this area fighting against nature and the odds to burrow their roots deep into the stony hillside to extract every bit of moisture from the soil. That combined with the eternal sun and reflections and salt off the sea creates the perfect environment for these award winning wines. The winery is followed by dinner high up in the mountains with spectacular views across the Islands we've sailed. Return by speedboat to the marina after dinner.



Wake to a morning swim at the beach a short walk from the yachts.


There is an Aquapark and Beach Club here in Lumbarda and there is time for other activities like stand-up paddleboarding, wind surfing or kayaking in the nearby bay. If adrenalin is what you're after, take one of the jet skis into the open water. There are so many activities, you will be spoiled for choice. Learn to Sail Part 4 is onboard your yacht en route to Polace - a very large protected bay with picturesque shallows for swimming, surrounded by pine trees.


On arrival, walk through the breathtaking scenery this part of the National Park has to offer or snorkel searching for ancient amforas on the sea floor. You can also hire kayaks here or take a short ferry ride to the Island with a stunning 12th Century Monastery situated in the middle of the lake. This is now a restaurant and cafe that is a real piece of history.


Dinner is a wood-fired dining experience consisting of family friendly dishes to tempt your appetite after a day of fun activities.




Today we race the yachts in our Reggata from Polace to Sipanska Luka. This bay is famous for its sunsets and offers lots of relaxing refreshment locations by the sea.




This is a late start day, with a relaxing sail to another picturesque bay for swimming before a slow sail back to the Marina in the afternoon.



8/9 am - Check-out




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